Saturday, March 27, 2010

Cassidy & Choctaw: parvo pups survive

Two darling black pups came into the clinic and were named Cassidy and Choctaw. Unfortunately, one and then the other came down with parvovirus. They were lucky to have access to care, because without immediate treatment (and sometimes even with it) a puppy can die within a couple of days.

These two spent a week fighting for their lives, and thanks to the great care of the vets and Kristen, a volunteer, they are bouncing back to health.

Cassidy and Choctaw both survived! Their stools are great and they are romping, eating, and well.

I took them out of the cages and put them in a straw filled outdoor kennel and they love it!

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Anonymous said...

The good news is that now Kristen is taking them in foster care for RLRR since she got so attached to them at the clinic!! They are leaving tommorrow!! Karen :)


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