Sunday, March 28, 2010

Rest in Peace, Romi.

I originally named this dog Romeo because it was such a little lover, all kissy and sweet. We changed the named to Romi when we found out it was a girl. She was brought in with an injury and we knew it was a broken leg or pelvis. She kept trying to stand and I was able to get a photo of her standing before she slid down again. She went to Act V Rescue & Rehabilitation.

Rescue work does not always turn out the way we hoped it would. I have news about Romi, the little black and white border collie that was surrendered, and I knew you would want to know.

I x-rayed Romi on Monday and consulted with a surgical specialist. She had an old shattered femur in her left leg that was no longer fixable. Her pelvis was broken also. The problem in her right hip socket was a fracture. Her left leg would have had to be amputated and the right leg hip would have had terrible arthritis within a year. She also had a jaw fracture and broken teeth.

The decision was hard but we did euthanize her Monday night. It was especially difficult because she was so sweet. She had a nice night at my house, all warm and plenty of food. I'm sorry we could not help her. The surgeon agreed it would be the humane thing to do also.


Rescue Buddy Boarding & Beyond said...

Thank you to everyone for all you did for this sweet girl. Unfortunately we can not save them all. Certain injuries prevent a good quality of life and that should be the main concern. RIP Romi. You can run free of pain once again.

Jo Tallchief said...

That's true, Buddy. I think it's better to have her humanely euthanized than to lay in someone's back yard and be miserable for X amount of days, which happens. Rest in peace, Romi. I'm sure you're feeling better now.


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