Wednesday, March 4, 2015

Pinkie Louisa is healed and home!

Louisa, now Pinkie, was a gift from Leech Lake Legacy in August, 2014.

She was malnourished, suffering from rickets and afflicted with a severe case of demodex mange, but what a lovely personality! While at the Red Lake shelter she was always a happy camper in spite of the misery she suffered with skin sores. It was a joy to have Pinkie at the shelter.

Thankfully, ARVSS (Animal Rescue & Veterinary Support Services) took on this little girl and now not only is she healed, but also got her forever home.  We are so thankful for ARVSS and the many Red Lake animals they have helped with medical care.


I want to give you an update on Louisa (aka Pinkie). She finally beat the demodex mange and was adopted to a couple that patiently waited for her to be healthy :-)

Her new owners said it took a couple of hours but she has made herself right at home and is doing great! I have a bunch of pictures can share w/ you that they have already sent me and she just got adopted on Saturday!

It as a very happy (and sad) day when she went to her new home but we are so proud and happy for her!!!!!

See original blog post and photos HERE:

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Mary Harper said...

I love happy stories like this! Yay Pinkie Louisa! Have a beautiful life in your forever home!!


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