Monday, March 16, 2015

What Happened to George?

On March 6th, I was stopped in back of the Red Lake Village trying to catch three elusive dogs. Unsuccessful there, I went on to my next stop to find George --- perhaps the real reason I was there.

Cindy and her son had asked me to take an older dog they called George because he had serious wounds and was not doing well without vet care.

George disappeared, they said, approximately 18 days ago and then returned 4 days later. They think the injury took place on or about the weekend of February 14th. 

When George came home he had a long laceration from one ear to the other ear all across the top of his head. His ear was sliced in half. His legs were also wounded and bleeding. George was very fearful. They were hoping he would heal up- but now they wanted to let Red Lake Rosie's Rescue take him as a surrender as he was not doing so well.

They said George did not have any of the scars on his head or legs before he disappeared. It is not known what caused George’s injuries or detainment for 4 days!

Red Lake Rosie’s Rescue immediately took George to the Cornerstone Veterinarian Service in Gonvick to assess and treat his injuries, neuter, vaccinate and do some tests. Unfortunately, not only did George have the injuries, but he also was positive for heartworm, anaplasmosis, and lymes diseases! 

As the days passed, George rapidly became very friendly. He faithfully follows me around the shelter and eagerly takes his medicine. George roams free in the shelter all day and then is tucked in a kennel at night. 

For the time being, George is safe and healing here at the shelter. We expect he may be here for an extended period of time. George is no trouble- He is a great dog and one day will find his forever home. 

More George pictures after l week. He seems to have a little sparkle in his eyes, so we know he is feeling better. He is a mess right now, but he is a sweetheart.

We are thankful that Cindy and her son let us take George, and thankful to all the supporters who provide RLRR medical funds to help George and others like him!

Sincerely, Karen

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Cherie Winchester said...

God bless you for all that you do!! I wish I could come up and help with your rescues. Poor George, somebody hurt him...and now you've restored his faith in man kind in one week! You're an amazing woman and I am so very thankful for all that you do for defenseless dogs!!


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