Saturday, March 14, 2015

Isaiah-Pete: From RLRR to ACT V and ready for adoption!

Isaiah-PETE is healing from his surgery and moving about very well.
He is available for adoption
(sorry, Minneapolis / St. Paul and Rochester areas only)
and acts like a healthy puppy who never had an illness, injury, and surgery happen to him.
Email if you would like to fill out an application.
Spring might be the perfect time to add a puppy to your family!


Little Isaiah arrived a couple of weeks ago and made it to his foster home without incident.
However, he's hit a rough patch. He has no appetite and getting enough calories in him has been a challenge. His energy level is low and, as you can see, this pup is feeling punk. We did blood work, and it appears his liver is in trouble.
Hopefully today he will get a liver ultrasound, and we will gain clarity and a diagnosis.
Direct your warm, fuzzy feelings to this little guy... he's just a baby!

Isaiah (Pete wink emoticon ) update: It's grim.
We transferred Isaiah to the University of Minnesota Veterinary Medical Center for care.
He was left in the capable hands of Dr. Todd with surgery planned for tomorrow. frown emoticon
Isaiah was found to have a diaphragmatic hernia (where his abdominal organs - intestine, liver, stomach - have moved into an abnormal opening in his chest cavity.
This can be caused by blunt trauma - such as a forceful blow - or maybe he was born this way.
Either way - he needs surgery. And once surgery is over, he needs close monitoring for complications. His prognosis is guarded for the first 24 hours or so after surgery.
We are very sad tonight ~ it's been a stressful day.
Isaiah will be at the U of MN until further notice. Vicki is going over there tomorrow to be with him.

Our precious boy made through surgery, through recovery, and made it back to his foster mom.
He is not fully out of the woods, and he has a tube in place to facilitate feeding, but one moment at a time.
He survived surgery, he survived
recovery, he made it home...

What's the difference between these two pictures...?
If you guessed "Isaiah-Pete" is sans feeding tube, then you are correct!
We removed it, and he is starting to eat on his own. He's not devouring food like many a hungry puppy, but he IS eating.
His liver has not yet fully recovered (as evidenced by his abnormal lab work) but complete restoration of health takes time!
We are a patient group (as is his foster mom), and we are confident he is over the hump.
So, we can't resist... HAPPY HUMP DAY smile emoticon

Little Pete (aka Isaiah) is feeling well enough to play...!
Here he is with Luke, his foster brother.
(Who, by the way, grew into strapping, healthy boy after all his puppy surgeries and is proving to be a great dog!)
Keep chugging along boys!

It's time for you to see how well Pete (aka Isaiah) is doing.
Another Red Lake pup is on the mend.
One by one, maybe we can make a difference.
You can see how much weight he is gained by looking at his before and after pictures. WOW! He's turning into a gorgeous dog.
We thank his foster mom for sending us his current mug.

Litte Isaiah-Pete came in for his post-op check up, and his diaphragm seems to be healing nicely.
He is a sweet boy and is the foster family is doing an incredible job working with him.
His surgery was huge, and it was touch and go for awhile, but we think he is out of the woods and will be available for adoption very soon.
And don't worry - his fur will grow back.

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