Sunday, March 8, 2015

Special card for Phoenix on a tough day


A heartwarming note that touched our soul:
It arrived in yesterday's mail (so tonight, we read it aloud to Phoenix ;-) 

The card is from the fourth-grade class at St. Alphonsus school in Langdon, ND, ( and it overflows with loving thoughts and kind words for our little pup. Thank you! You made us smile!

Phoenix had a rough day. Today is only day 14 that he has been in our care, and it's a constant reminder that we need to focus on the long haul. (You may be reading posts on day 114.)

He is nauseated ~ vomited once ~ received antiemetics and settled down.
His path to recovery will be a long, and winding road.
We are ready.
(Oh, and his bandage change went well.) Good night.

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Sandy said...

Get well, phoenix


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