Thursday, March 26, 2015

Isabel inside

When Isabel came in, she had been an outdoor dog all winter. Her coat was filthy and matted, and it was questionable how she could even see through the mats on her face.
Isabel is now living a pampered, lush life in her new home.


Just want to update you on Isabel! She is doing VERY well!!   We have been going on walks (she needs to improve on that as she still pulls most of the time, but is doing pretty good), and she spends several hours daily in the back yard, pursuing squirrels. 

I have done dog sitting for a couple of dogs, two different weeks. One tried to play with Isabel outside, but didn't succeed most of the time.   Isabel was too busy looking for squirrels.

I think she is enjoying being the only "child."   When the first dog came, she became more of a baby, wanting to sit on my lap, or snuggle up to me on the couch.

I am enjoying her VERY MUCH!!!!


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