Tuesday, March 10, 2015

Gentle Spirit is home

Poor Spirit arrived at Red Lake Rosie’s Rescue on December 21st from Ponemah. Paul drove a long ways to the RLRR shelter one cold night with the poor dog who was raw and bleeding under the neck. The owner supposed he had been shot. We named the pit bull/shepherd mix "Spirit", because, in spite of his problems, this boy had lots of spirit!

He had lived outdoors all winter with hardly any hair! He suffered a long time and never complained about it. He acted happy.

We took Spirit to the vet the next morning and had him treated . We found out he had a bad case of bleeding demodex mange and had not been shot at all. His skin was bleeding and badly infected. So we began the mange treatment with ivermectin and oral antibiotics.

Since it was cold out, this would compound the problem of healing the skin.

We made a plea to ARVSS and Matt & Susie willingly took Spirit into a warm environment and began working with him. He left the Red Lake Rosie’s shelter on the first of the New Year. It was going to be a new life for Spirit now.

We are so thankful to ARVSS for taking this boy and giving him help and are anxious to see how he turned out when they worked their magic on him!


Spirit (aka Leroy) goes to his new home tomorrow! I will send pictures once they pick him up! Here are some recent pictures taken at last weeks meet and greet :)

The family that adopted Spirit send me this picture today:)

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