Saturday, August 25, 2012

Another happy Bear from RLRR

We just wanted to say hi and let you know what Bear has been up to! I'm sure you recognize this little floppy-eared boy by the pictures we attached.

The first one was within the first month we got him. The next he's about 4 1/2 months old, his ears started standing straight up, so cute!! He looked like he really had to grow into those things =) The last one is what he looks like now, those ears both flopped back over!

Bear's a VERY smart little guy! Didn't take long to potty train him, or for him to start learning tricks. He knows how to sit, shake, other paw (shakes with the other paw), kiss, lay down, stay, come, outside, potty, walk, kennel.

He's a very active little guy and loves playing fetch! His other favorite is tug of war with his ropes. He also loves the cabin in the summer time. We weren't sure about the water but he absolutely LOVES it! Can't get him out sometimes =)

Everyday with him is a new adventure and we couldn't be happier with him! Just wanted you to know he's doing so good and we love having him as a part of our family!

J~, K~ & Bear

Bear came to Red Lake Rosie's Rescue as a tiny furball pup with his three siblings just after Christmas. All four went to Animal Ark for foster care and Linda had Bear and his sister, Lacy. See more photos and read more about their story here.

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Anonymous said...

What a beauty and a great story!
We are so happy for Bear. Thanks
for the updates and photos.


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