Wednesday, January 16, 2013

A Pony named Girl

With the drought in northern Minnesota, getting hay for even a single horse is not that easy.
Marvin and his horse, Girl, live on with west side of Red Lake known as Little Rock. As winter approached, there was no place to get Girl hay. Right before Christmas, Red Lake Rosie's Rescue made sure Girl got a large bale of good hay.
Marvin also agreed to let us visit Girl and build her a shelter for the winter.
Mike, Lauren and Karen went to meet Girl on January 3rd. They brought supplies to make a temporary shelter, as well as rubber bowls, horse feed, a mineral block, wormer, harness, and grooming tools. Her mane was quite matted with burdock which grows on the property there and will be worked on.
It was a great pleasure to meet this little lady. She was interested in our project, as well as loved the horsefeed, and the oats that Marvin brought for her. She took great interest in the mineral block. Mike and Lauren built the horse shelter while being entertained by Girl.
One of the concerns that Marvin has in that Girl's feet need work. He would like to know if we could get her a ferrier to help her. While there Marvin tried to chip out the ice in her feet.
A special thank you to Mike and Lauren, Dr. Vicky, and Sandy for providing the supplies needed to make Girls' winter more comfortable.

We promised to continue to provide hay for Girl for the winter and help her with her feet. We are happy we made new friends!

Sincerely, Karen


Anonymous said...

A huge thank you to Karen, Lauren,
Mike, Dr Vicky, Sandy, and Marvin
for attending to the needs of Girl.
With this bitter cold winter upon
us, you have given her protection
and all that she needs to help her
along. Thanks to each of you!!

Anonymous said...

Thanks to all of you who take care of these animals. I cannot imagine that kind of snow. I hope that I can visit some time to see the wonderful work you do. Keep it up. Take good care of all of the babies. Thank you doesn't seem enough, but thank you!


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