Thursday, January 17, 2013

RLRR to Act V: Calypso, Loris, Panda & Cora

We've had some lovely updates from Act V Rescue & Rehabilitation about some of the Red Lake dogs and pups they have taken in.
Calypso, the shepherd mix, came to Red Lake Rosie's Rescue in desperate condition two years ago, but she is beautiful now and showing the ropes to Loris who came for fostering to her home.
Loris, the black lab mix, was the mama dog and pups given up by her family to RLRR, but Loris didn't understand that. She took off from RLRR and crossed 20-30 miles of wilderness to return to her former home. Karen happened upon her there alone and rescued her again. Loris needed treatment for Lymes and Heartworm, but is recovering well and she will be adopted into Calypso's family
Cora and Panda are two adorable little pups from RLRR now in foster care. If they aren't adopted yet, it won't be long. Lucky dogs!

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

Oh it is so nice to get the latest
on Calypso and Loris. Calypso
had such rough beginnings and look
how glorious that fur looks now!
And Loris, little sweetie, has settled into a new home. Am so very happy for these two. Yep, and
no doubt Panda and Cora will find
their forever homes quickly. Thank you all for helping these


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