Monday, January 14, 2013

Zeke is now Paddy

UPDATE FROM RED LAKE ROSIE'S RESCUE FACEBOOK PAGE: Coco's Heart would like to update you on Paddy, formerly "Zeke". He is doing very well and is a volunteer favorite. He is perfect for bath time, walks, car rides, and plays with all other dogs, cats and kids perfectly. He is very sweet and loyal. His leg is healed. He goes back to the vet next week for his booster and neuter and will be ready to find his forever home.
He wears his sweater and froggie-booties with pride:) He is adorable and we are so happy to have him with us until he finds his forever home. Thank You for all of your efforts for Zeke and other dogs on the reservation.
Here is a picture of Paddy this morning enjoying his favorite stair waiting to bask in the sun spots. Thank You Karen, John and all other volunteers for caring for him and helping get him to rescue. -Coco's Heart Dog Rescue

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Anonymous said...

You are sooooooo adorable!


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