Saturday, January 26, 2013

Secret Santa Sisters: Inspired Giving

Here is a great story about three sisters who are Secret Santa Sisters and wanted to bless Jenny Wolfe in Roseau with supplies she needs to do her rescue work at the Pound.
With Karen as the go-between, Jenny was asked for a "wish list" and the three sisters got busy collecting the items in lieu of buying Christmas gifts for each other. The giving spread to other members of the family. See Notes below:
Hi Karen:
We have been having fun gathering the items for Jenny's wish list.

When I was looking at Jenny's list, my oldest son (29) was visting. I showed him the blog about Jenny and her work with the Roseau Pound. He noticed on the list a doghouse for the pound. I told him we couldn't afford it ($200) and still get Jenny the other items she so desperately needed. He took out his wallet and handed me $100 towards the doghouse.

The next day I was telling my Mom (who lives in Texas) about this and how proud I am of my him. My Mom said "I will send you the other $100 in the mail tonight. Let's get that doghouse!" :-) Needless to say it's been ordered and is on it's way to the Pound.

Our Secret Santa family has grown to three generations. 

Take Care, Joanne

Hi again, Karen.
The first time I spoke Jenny I realized what a giving, caring, and unselfish person she is. We spoke on the phone to arrange a place to meet. She was very excited to get things for the dogs and cats.

Through tears she asked, Why me? Who are these people? We met at the Humane Society in Golden Valley. Despite the rush of the holidays and the long drive to the cities, Jenny brought a group of dogs with her, so they can have a better chance at adoption. Again, she asked Why me? I told her to keep reading the Red Lake Rosie Blog.

So Jenny, why you? Because of your unconditional love of animals, how much you help them and save lives!

Secret Santa Sisters

PS. We will still get your additional items to you.


Anonymous said...

You ladies are awesome!.....what
great gifts of love you have bestowed upon Jenny and
her rescue work. Jenny is a kind, gentle, loyal individual, to both humans and animals, and the support you have given her is
outstanding. Thank you.

jenny said...

The pound manager called when he received the dog house and I was able to share with him the story of how it got there. He got to hear about the wonderful strangers who cared about dogs in northern mn. He said it was quick and easy to put together.


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