Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Oogie Crispin

Oogie came to Red Lake Rosie's Rescue with mange and other skin issues. He went to ARVSS and they helped him regain his health and find a great home! We were so pleased to get this update. He is a beautiful happy dog now.

Hi Karen,

In October my wife B~ and I were lucky enough to get to provide a forever-home to Oogie, a husky-shepherd mix from Red Lake who was being fostered by Susie from ARVSS. While visiting the ARVSS group this last weekend Susie noted that you would probably appreciate an update on how he's doing too. You'll no doubt remember him as a very young, timid puppy.
We renamed him Crispin and he's now six months old. Over the past three months he's doubled in size, graduated from puppy obedience classes, and started participating in a puppy playgroup. He's still pretty shy, but through some hard work and lots of socialization with people and pets he's becoming more bold every day. For the first time last week we actually got to see him let strangers pet him. He's doing well - happy, healthy, and doing great with his training. I've attached a couple other pictures of him. Below is one from just last week in the kitchen.

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Anonymous said...

Oh, sweet baby. Thanks for the
update and photos. What a wonderful family for Crispin.


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