Friday, January 25, 2013

Update from Coco's Heart

Just wanted to send you an update from the pooches this weekend.

Papoose is doing great! He is a bundle of energy!

Sabrina went to the vet today and had an ultrasound- the vet said she is not pregnant. She is a doll.

Denver aka Cody is adorable and catching on very quickly with home-life. He is going potty outside already- both Paddy and Denver caught on to potty training very quickly. He is a social pup that loves to be held. He is enjoying playtime with the "big boys" (my dogs). He goes to the vet tomorrow.

I have included a picture I took of Paddy and Denver last night. Denver's jacket is a little snug. They were very good and let me pester them to get this picture. They are so wonderful. I will cry when Paddy is adopted. He has a meet'n'greet with a family tomorrow night.

Ashley (Van Ort) Kurtz
Coco's Heart Dog Rescue

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

Thank you, Coco's Heart, for taking
in these little squirts. Little Papoose is like a flying squirrel,
and hard to hang onto. I think she loves life to the fullest and now she can share it when she finds her forever family. Thanks so much!


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