Sunday, January 20, 2013


Hi Karen,

I adopted Angel the tortoiseshell kitty last June. Angel was depressed and had impaired kidney function. My friend was preparing to take her to Red Lake when I saw a picture and she caught my heart. I took Angel to my vet, and he said with proper diet, she could live another 5+ years. She is now on a prescription diet.

When I received her, she was a little depressed bag of bones, but now she rules my house, including my 100 lb. Newfoundland mix dog. She is chubby and sassy and truly believes she is the boss. She likes to cuddle, but only on her terms. She is the feistiest kitty, and we love her dearly!

I've attached two pictures of Angel helping us bake Christmas cookies (she is always present when food is involved), and one of her napping with my partner R~ (one of their favorite togetherness activities).

Thank you for all you do, and thank you so much for this little bundle of fur who is now a forever part of our family.


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