Thursday, January 20, 2011

Calypso: New year, new life

As we end the old and begin the new year, January 1st was a special day at RLRR shelter. We were happy and sad as we said goodbye to our dear friend Calypso as she rode off with Heidi to start her new life in foster care with Act V.

We got a call in September, 2010 that a family had 2 dogs that were badly afflicted with mange, and would we come and help. I made a home visit and there I met Calypso for the first time. I took her to the shelter, and we left behind Buster, her male counterpart. We left Buster good quality food and ivermectin to help him recover.

Calypso was malnourished and had very sparse hair. She also had a right ear that was damaged. It was full of sores and was deformed. She had one leg that was either broken or had nerve damage. Her face was swollen, and her ribs protruded. She was a real mess.

She would not be contained in a kennel, so I set her free on day 2. It was a long journey of ivermectin, good quality food and water, and soon she improved. She went to the clinic in Redby on October 14 where she was to be spayed. Dr. Charlie and Mary found out she had already been spayed, had heartworm, lymes, and anaplasmosis. So the lists of issues grew longer.

Everyone who met Calypso loved her- she was a darling who would love to be petted, and would get belly rubs from anyone who passed by. Her personality helped her overcome all her liabilities.

Now she has gone to Act V for the additional medical help she needs. What a wonderful way to start a New Year!! Thank you to all our supporters who make it possible for a broken girl like Calypso to get a good life.
Sincerely, Karen RLRR :)

(As a footnote: We continue to be in touch with her counterpart Buster, who has been cured of mange and continues to gain weight. His owners came and got food for him, and food was just sent again last week for Christmas.)


I am still pinching myself that Calypso had the good fortune of going to Act V!!

She (Calypso) is safely tucked into her foster home as of Sunday night. The fosters had a welcome home party for her and invited friends!!!! She immediately made herself at home.

She is a bit confused about living in a house, but is liking the attention!!!!

She has some extensive dental work to be done (fortunately my clinic does complicated dental work). We'll get her heartworm treatment started soon. No charge for the care package. It's the least we can do for you.

ACT V Rescue & Rehabilitation

To all you Calypso fans--she is enjoying the good life now!!

Karen :)

Calypso's foster family sent these pictures of a happy dog!!! They are calling her Cally now.


When we first met Calypso, she was frightening bald!.....but each time
we returned to Karen's, Calypso looked healthier and healthier.

The last time we were there I asked where Calypso was.....Karen
told me to turn around as she was right behind me. She
looks beautiful and incredibly healthy. What a transformation.

Thanks, Karen.

The O'Sullivans


Bitchenostrophy said...

What an awesome smile!

Jo_Tallchief said...

Look at those sweet doggie eyes and that sweet doggie smile - I'm so glad you saved her, Karen. Thank you, Heidi, for giving her a ride out. And thank you, Vicki, for taking care of this sweet girl! ^_^

Anonymous said...

To all Calypso fans... She is now going by Cally... she is doing SO well. We feel blessed every day that she is in our lives. Thanks to ACT V Rescue for bringing her to us! Cally wants to extend her thanks to Red Lake Rosie and ACT V for being such wonderful people who look out for animals like me!!


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