Monday, January 28, 2013

Baby Bailey

This is one of a husky threesome rescued by Polly in Red Lake. We are so happy that one has found her new home!

I am happy to announce the adoption of Bailey, one of the husky pup girls that came down from Red Lake Rosie's Rescue a couple weeks ago.

After looking for a young husky for about two months, she was the only one that her new parents applied for. Her new family consists of three kids ranging in ages from 15 to 18, a mom and dad, a feline sister (Luna) and Yorkie sister (Lola).

Her parents were VERY excited to pick her up and complete the adoption tonight and were going to run out and pick up some toys! They do plan to rename her but have not decided on a name yet (we'll see if Bailey sticks!).

Her new owners will be bringing her to the local PetSmart training class, as their trainer for Lola is a husky owner so they thought that would be perfect.

Special thanks to Shanna and Tyson for yet another successful adoption and resisting the "hoarding" temptation on this one! ;)

Also, for the record, after spending about 3 hours with this vocal little lady, I am officially taking myself off the list of potential husky puppy foster homes. :)

Thanks to everyone who played a hand in this girl's placement!


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