Sunday, January 27, 2013

Paxton/PacMan update

Hi All, It's time for Paxton's annual update. It's been 2 years since Pac joined our family. He is still reaching milestones.
This year he has learned to "ask". When one of Pac's toy rolls under furniture, he will come find me and start barking. I follow him to where it's stuck and give it to him.
He now barks to come in when finished doing his business. We use to have to call him in. He is the best snuggler on these cold winter nights! Pac loves his domain!

A daily walk with Dad is enough for him and then he wants to be with Mom, Dad and brother Tugger (10 yr old Pitbull) at home.

We love our big gentle boy and can't image our world without him. Thanks to all of you!!!

Sincerely, Ken and Joanne

Thank you so much Joanne and Ken for adopting and loving PacMan! We will never forget this guy coming up to the shuttle and referring himself at the clinic that summer day- very thin and a very loveable guy even then.

It is so rewarding to see him now! You made my day today!


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