Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Milan, another Red Lake collie

Late on the evening of June 3rd we got a call about some people in one of the villages that were going to go out in the woods and shoot a collie. A nice lady there brought the collie to Polly's holding pen in Red Lake.

The collie- we call Milan- was picked up by Mike the very next morning and he went to the local vet. He had 250 mL of pus drained from a giant abcess the size of a softball on his neck.

Milan has an infected eye and ear that is mangled. His fur is badly matted and had been for a long while. Ticks were all over his back and neck area.

In spite of all that Milan has been through, he is the nicest dog you could ever meet. He is so very meek and mild, and has a great personality.

We are so thankful to have a relationship with the Minnesota Wisconsin Collie Rescue who responded within a few hours and said YES WE WILL TAKE MILAN! He will spend only two nights here at RLRR shelter and then Nancy O and Barbie will tranport him to Fridley on Wednesday, June 6th.

Almost every collie we have rescued in Red Lake has been in poor condition and injured and neglected in various ways, but Milan is the worst case we have seen. Mn/WI Collie Rescue has taken every one!

Thank you to his rescuers, Trudi, Polly, Mike, Barbie, Nancy, and MN/WI Collie Rescue for giving Milan a new life.

Milan is soon to be a very lucky guy!

Karen RLRR

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

We are excited to follow Milan's
progress as his health returns and
he finds loving arms to be wrapped
around his healing body. A big
thank you to everyone involved in
his new journey to health and
happiness.....thank you!


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