Sunday, September 30, 2012

Little Sully

Little Sully continues to bubble over with joy and energy. He was good natured and happy when he was blind, but as a seeing dog he is ecstatic!

He has become quite popular at the dog park , the first one out of the gate when we arrive and the last one willing to head home. Chasing the big dogs is his favorite passtime.

Sully had a check up with Dr. Olivera a couple of weeks ago. The doctor and his staff adore him! His eyes are looking good, but he probably will be on drops for the rest of his life. His blind eye doesn't tear properly and had become irritated, but the drops seem to have alleviated the problem. He has drops for his sighted eye too, and that eye is clear, bright and healthy, He did have a couple of seizures several months ago, so he is on a very small daily dosage of medication.

He has a huge appetite for food as well as for life, and like so many rescued dogs he seems to have that attitude of gratitude. How fortunate Sully was to have had all the wonderful, generous supporters who made his surgery possible!

Foster mom wasn't able to get new photos, but I just had to share the update :-)

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

How thrilling to see how Little
Sully has thrived, and very happy
to know that he has treatment with
his eye and seizure issues. He looks mighty handsome! Keep those
stories and photos coming.


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