Monday, June 25, 2012

Update on Milo (Milan), the RLRR collie

Milan, now called Milo, is settled in a foster home for Minnesota Wisconsin Collie Rescue with other collies and cats and is starting to heal physically and emotionally.

BATHTIMEThe woman went to her vet for a check-up for her cats and the vet introduced her to Milan, who "ran right up to her and put his head in her lap as she squatted to pet him". It worked, she offered to foster him! She is already an experienced foster caregiver for the organization.

MILAN BEFOREMilo has his own blog at Check it out!

The first thing you'll notice is that he has had a visit to the groomer. He may look pretty funny, but I'll bet it feels great to be free of his matted, tick-infested coat. His tail was so matted it was stuck to one of his hind legs before the shave!

MILO AFTERAs his foster caregiver describes it, now he is "NAKED except for a fringe of furr on his head and furry 'boots'". She was referred to my earlier post about Milan to learn more about him and see his BEFORE photos.

"Milo's neck wound from the softball-sized abscess is healing. He has a lot of scar tissue in there so a golf ball-sized lump is apparent. Hoping that it heals down. His ear does not seem to be torn as earlier reported, however his ears were very infected causing him to hold one at a funny angle."

HAPPY FACE"Tipped ears! We finished ear meds yesterday. They must finally feel a lot better. Yay!"

"No matter how many dogs I've fostered, I'm always amazed at how quickly they assimilate to routine and consistency. In fact, they thrive on it.

"Milo has been starving - literally - for a long time. Long enough to damage his liver as his body started to metabolize organs and the dog who was throwing himself onto the table 6 days ago now sits nicely for treats and can be dissuaded from eating the cat food with a simple "Naahhh!" He knows that there are two meals a day and that there will be a treat ball or just treats for going into his crate. There is a lot of praise - to balance out the "uh oh!" or "nahhh" words - and pats and hugs.

"A heck a of lot of progress for such a short period of time.

"Good rest last night. Much less coughing. Poor guy is tired out. His little body is dealing with a lot right now."

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Anonymous said...

What a wonderful, compassionate
foster Milo do we
ever thank you for your love and
patience in helping him heal!


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