Sunday, September 16, 2012

Office space for Red Lake Rosie's Rescue

Red Lake Rosie's Rescue finally has an office space!

On the front of my house there was a 10' x 25' deck area that was not used. It seemed a good place to collect junk and was basically unuseable in summer due to insects and in winter due to ice and snow. It already had a roof and floor, so we went ahead and enclosed the area, insulated it and finished the floor and walls. The only cost to RLRR for the office was the wiring of the computer jack, phone jack and electricity for the addition.

Previously the files and computer were in a small kitchen area which was cluttered and took up all the living space in the house. Although 10 x 25 feet does not seem like lots of space, it has made a real difference here!

The dogs love the new area, too. Reilly and Julie prefer to rest on the futon couch and hang out in this area.

We love the new space!
Karen & RLRR


Anonymous said...

Lookin' good!! This is perfect
for your rescue needs, Karen.

Twyla said...

Wow karen! What a transformation! Must be nice to have it all in one space, not competing for kitchen space. Great idea!

Jim Smith said...

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