Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Evan finds good Carma

The evening of August 15th, a lady called the shelter and had a small breed neutered dog that she thought had a broken leg. Her dog was rough with the little fella, we named Evan, so she surrendered him to Red Lake Rosie's Rescue. Evan was going to the vet in the morning for x-rays.

Well, early the next morning, Evan was paws up on the kennel and running around without so much as a limp. He spent about a week at the shelter.

EVAN AT RLRRHe was taken to the clinic on August 21st for a badly needed haircut where he met Carma the volunteer groomer from Roseau. Evan made a friend for life in Carma, but no rescue took Evan after the clinic so he remained at the shelter.

EVAN AT RLRRCarma could not forget about Evan and on Saturday August 25th, she drove all the way from Roseau to pick up Evan. He now has a great home, See Carma's comments and pictures of Evan.


Evan went to his new home last night. After I picked him up from your place, he had a bath and was ready for his new family to come and get him. My daughter, Hayley, was in tears because he wasn't staying with us! I offered free grooming for Evan, so we will see him again and again!!!

By the way!!! Evan went 4-wheeling with the family, today! He jumped into their truck and wouldn't get out!

Thanx for all you do, Karen. You are in my thoughts and prayers, always. I am thankful that you have come into my life and have given me the opportunity to give back.


Hi.....I am Brenda....Jayden's mom and Evan's new owner. I have fallen in love with Evan like no dog ever. we have a 12 year old Min. Schnauzer and 2 long haired Chihuahuas.....but the picture Carma posted of Evan captured our hearts.......
..and we are so delighted to have him. Evan is the kindest, best behaved, most loving, calm delightful dog I have ever met. He sleeps with Jaydi at night and comes to work with me during the day. He is as smart as a whip!! Thank you for taking him in and loving him.....we sure do :)

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Anonymous said...

Sweet story.....and very happy ending for Evan! Thank you for
adopting him.


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