Saturday, September 29, 2012

Time to prepare RLRR for winter

Brr, We hate to think of winter, but it is sure to come! We want Red Lake Rosie's Rescue to be ready for it.

At RLRR shelter, the dogs and puppies must thrive in outdoor kennels. We do all we can to help make it more comfortable with fresh, dry oat straw and tarped and plastic-wrapped kennels to keep out the wind and snow.

We get subzero temps plus wind chills in the winter.

Last year we had Linda, Darcy, Jeanette, and Collen who helped weatherize the kennels. Linda has come up with a plastic sheeting solution for some and we also use tarps 8 x 10 foot and 10 x 12 foot.

The process also required cable ties mainly the 12 inch length.

Thanks to Susan of ABE! Fund we have our 2012-13 supply of straw. She has supplied the straw for 3 years in a row now.

Our needs for winter are the tarps, zip ties, heavy plastic sheeting-2 rolls, and wooden lathe.

One other supply would be heavy duty black rubber pails that will not shatter when they freeze. These are used to water the dogs.

Last but not least, we need the volunteers willing to come up to the shelter to help us get ready for winter.

Karen and the animals of RLRR

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