Monday, September 20, 2010

EARLY morning transport September 10

AMY AND FRIENDOn September 10th the shelter was wide awake at 2:00 am and puppies galore were being crated up for their ride to Bemidji where they met Cindy of Animal Allies of Duluth at 4:00 am in the Walmart parking lot.

WOLF & AMYHere are pics of Amy and Wolf, 2 stray puppies which Carol Priest fostered. She was up early and met the transport in Bemidji as well.

LITTER OF SEVEN SHEP MIX PUPSThe litter of 7 puppies and Magic came from Ponemah. The rest came from the Red Lake area.

MAGICMagic was a surrender at the last clinic from Ponemah. He came in with a littermate that had respiratory problems. The littermate went back with he vets at the close of the clinic and Magic came to the shelter.

SUNBEAR AKA SUNDANCESunbear aka Sundance was rescued by a concerned citizen who saw young children abusing him. Thankfully he came to the shelter and now will have a chance for a safe home. His 2 scars on his back looked like those of a sundancer.

ASHLEYAshley came to the shelter with Tony when the owner did not want her anymore.

LITTER OF SIX SHEP PUPSThe litter of 6 shepherds came from a resident who had an unwanted litter. The owner agreed to have Carol bring the mama dog to the clinic in October and have her spayed.

ANNAAnna was found at Circle Pines Projects as a stray in Lisa's yard. Lisa is a kindhearted woman who is on the lookout in the Circle Pines Projects. Any dog or cat in need seems to know where to go for food and safety. Lisa gets in touch with the shelter and we come and get the animal. We thank Lisa for this.

We are so thankful to have the Animal Allies and Cindy to make these transports for us.

Sincerely, Karen and RLRR

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Jo Tallchief said...

I can stand anything but (1) temptation and (2) Karen's puppies - it's just too much. I feel compelled to become an animal hoarder. Thank you, transporters, for taking the pups before I get into some pup-napping out there! ^_^


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