Friday, September 3, 2010

Smiles all around!!!

So good to have the 'good news' stories coming in- Here's another about Paula who came in to the clinic in May and went to ARVSS

Hey Karen,
Our sweet Paula has finally been adopted! She had to wait until after her teatments for Demodex mange---But last night this family spent about an hour playing and walking with her--and they all loved each other!
I could not be more happy for Paula :))))) This is a great fit.

Hi Susie,

We’ve had a delightful evening with Paula (now most likely Ava). She slept most of the way home—even with fast food in the car. She also has tried her new crate and explored the house and backyard and was adored by the neighbors. She ate for us tonight and seems very at home.

We’ve been doing a little puppy proofing—especially after she tried my laptop cord.

Thanks for all your work to make her healthy and help her find a home!


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Jo Tallchief said...

What a great story! So glad Ava has found you and you have found Ava. Thank you for adopting this sweet doggie! :)


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