Thursday, September 23, 2010

Hello from Oliver & Gizmo


I cannot thank you enough for all of the amazing work you do for so many incredible animals. If there is ever anything that I can do to help, please let me know. I love your organization and I tell everyone I know about it.

OLIVER READY FOR BREAKFASTThe picture of Oliver at the table was taken at my parents cabin in Northern MN. When my mom yelled out, "Breakfast is ready," Oliver was the first one to the table!

OLIVER IN POLOI included a picture of Oliver in one of his sweaters. I brought Oliver over to watch the Opening Ceremonies for the Winter Olympics and my friends wanted to know what kind of sweaters Oliver owned. I told them that I had just adopted him a few weeks earlier and they could not believe that I had not gone "clothes shopping" for him yet. So they ordered him a Ralph Lauren, USA Hockey sweater. They had it shipped overnight so he could wear it during the Olympic Games. My friends are as crazy about Oliver as I am!

OLIVER AT COMPUTERThere is a picture of Oliver sitting by my computer. I work from home often and he likes to sit in my lap while I work. If I could just teach him to type - I would have it made.

GIZMO IS FUNGizmo is such a fun addition to our family. She adores her "big brother" Oliver and he is warming up to her. I know in time they will be good buddies.

GIZMO IS SWEETShe is so sweet and she loves to sit in my lap and be held for hours.

OLIVER IS FUN, TOOShe likes to be where all of the action is and she and Oliver often fight to be the center of attention.

EATING TOGETHERShe sits by Oliver when he eats and as soon as he is done, she checks his bowl to see if he left any food for her. Then she walks over to her bowl and eats her own food.

OLIVER GETTING COZYIt is so wonderful to see how much happiness Gizmo and Oliver bring to the rest of my family. I have a brother with special needs and he and Oliver adore each other. Oliver is very gentle with my brother and he loves to curl up and take a nap with him. One of the pictures I sent is Oliver laying between my brother's legs. I took Oliver out from my brother's legs because I thought he was uncomfortable, and he climbed right back in there.

My parents love Oliver and they refer to him as their grandson. They come over to my home almost once a day to spend time with him and sometimes when I arrive home, I find a note that says, "Oliver is on a play date with his grandparents."

Both Dino & Heather took care of Oliver and Mike & Lauren took care of Gizmo. They are incredible people and it has been a blessing to get to know all of them.

Karen, thank you so very much again for all of your hard work. Karen, it is because of you that I have two amazing "kids with fur" that I love dearly. They have changed my life on so many levels and I am forever grateful.

My best,


Jo Tallchief said...

Oliver looks like such a character! In the 1st pic he seems to want to say, "Shake a leg, would ya? I thought you said Breakfast!" He has an expressive furry face. ^_^ Thank you for the update!!

Denise said...

Thank you for your comments, Jo! Writing the blog can be a rather lonely venture. I am so anxious for a response and I know lots of people are reading, but it's nice to know you are enjoying it.


mteacup said...

Denise - I read the blog faithfully every morning! Love it!

Joan said...

I read everyday too, part of my morning routine. Thanks Denise!

Jo Tallchief said...

I do love it, Denise, but I'm kinda like an alcoholic standing outside the window of a liquor store looking in - I'm a petaholic! I also like to see the adoptees thriving and finally getting good lives for themselves. THANK YOU BUNCHES! ^_^


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