Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Thanks to ALL who helped rescue Sherman

When the people involved in animal rescue can put aside their differences about how to run their various organizations, more animals' lives can be saved. What a terrible loss it would have been if this dog had been euthanized when a happy home was waiting for him.

We adopted Sherman from Tri-County Humane Society in St. Cloud Humane. They really had no information about his past. He is a very sweet boy that we now consider our baby... But we would love to know where he came from, why they gave him up or anything you know about him.

He is very good for us and has no bad habits except he likes to pull us on the leash. He is house trained and loves to play with our little yorkie. He sleeps at night with our 15 year old son and has lots of outfits (colored bandanas). Can you tell us anything about him?

He LOVES the water. We have a cabin in WI and we cannot keep him out of the water. He is so much fun. He has great indoor manners so we are guessing he was kept indoors. Enjoy the photos!


Thank you for the update on Sherman. We are SOOO happy he got a great home and family like yours. It has really made my day today!!

We don't know much about him except that we took him out of the Bemidji Dog Pound as he was to be euthanized on day 5, and his time was up. No one claimed him.

Nancy and Tom O' Sullivan are members of the Beltrami Humane Society and saw that Sherman was going to have to die, so they brought him to Red Lake Rosie's Rescue where he stayed for 2 months before he went to Tri-county Humane Society.

Now- it looks like he is a part of a very wonderful family.

Sincerely, Karen Good and RLRR

We are absolutely thrilled to pieces that Sherman has found the ideal home!! This sweet boy must have wandered away from home in this rural area and consequently ended up in impound.

The impound people were highly impressed by his wonderful disposition and asked for help to re-home him.....and by the sounds of it, he found his way to his forever home through the help of RLRR and Tri-County.

Happy endings such as with Sherman always put a big smile on our faces and bring tears of joy. We are grateful to everyone who helped Sherman find the perfect family.

Thanks to all. This news has made our day!



Anonymous said...

We're also having tough economic times in this neck of the woods and I've noticed A LOT of "for sale" signs on homes. The animal shelters say the first to suffer are always the pets - they get left behind or abandoned out somewhere, especially once the owner realizes they can no longer feed their own animal. That's got to be heart-breaking. I'm so glad Sherman found a good home. Thank you!! ^_^

Jo Tallchief said...

I slipped. ^_^ That's actually me up there ^^^^^


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