Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Ellie the lover and her best bud Barney

Ellie is one of several Saint Bernard mix dogs that Red Lake Rosie's has rescued. She is adopted now and we got an update and photo of her with her adoptive brother Barney, the Shar Pei. What a pair!!

ELLIE & BARNEYI got a really cute picture of Ellie and Barney together and wanted to share. They are good buddies and we are loving her!

At Doggy Day Care they are referred to as "the lover of all people & animals and the ambivalent one." I'll bet you can guess which one is the description of Ellie. Wow, she has a lot of love and happiness to share.

So all is well and I can hardly believe I've had her about 8 months already. The time has flown by. Thanks for letting us have Ellie!


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