Tuesday, April 1, 2014

Three-Year Update on Paxton/PacMan

There were a lot of changes for Pac over the last year. In July our beloved dog Tugger passed away. We had 11 wonderful years with him. Tugs showed Pac that people can be loving and helped him with the transition into our family. We miss our Tugs!
In September we noticed Pac was really missing the companionship of another dog. So we turned to our friends at Animal Ark to see if we could foster. Into our lives came Rocco, a 1-1/2 year old Staffordshire Bull Terrier/Bull Dog mix. We became foster failures at Christmas when adopted him.
Pac and Rocco are complete opposites, but somehow they work. We are working with Pac to teach him that Mom and Dad have plenty of love for 2 dogs and that sharing toys is better than hording them in our bedroom (see pic). LOL!
Rocco of course is still a puppy so we are working with him on picking up doggy social queues like when to stop playing.
Our hearts are full of doggy love! We thought you would enjoy the first picture of him in what we call his "Red Lake Cooling Hole" Two things about the picture: 1. I had just brought Pac home from the groomer when he did this. 2. How can anyone resist that smile?

Thanks for all you do,
Ken, Joanne, Paxton, Rocco

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