Sunday, April 27, 2014

Elsa's pup, Grace

All Dog Rescue update received March 2014:
I wanted to update you about Grace who we adopted on March 1. She has been here 1 week and we have been enjoying her very much! We have renamed her Sophie, but have kept Grace as her middle name. 
Within 2 days she was going outside for potty. She seemed to catch on quickly. Maybe a couple of accidents in the house, but 99% of the time she has been good about going outside.We crate her at night for now, and she settles down quietly and sleeps for 4-5 hours before having to go out. Then we'll go outside and she'll come back in and sleep some more until about 6:30. 

Tom taught her how to fetch the ball and bring it back. That also was the 2nd or 3rd day. Our house is a split level so she did good going up the stairs on the 2nd day but was afraid to go down the stairs . On the 3rd day we taught her how to go down the stairs and she wouldn't stop going up and down the steps. Now she runs down them! 

She is very intelligent. We have brought her to the local pet store and riding in the car with us and visiting. We have the fenced in area in back as one of her exercise areas, and since it was full of snow (3-4 ft) we shoveled out little pathways similar to a maze and she likes to run around that and we will hide behind the higher snow mounds and she likes to come find us and chase us through the maze. She likes to climb the snow mounds so she can get a better view of her yard. 

She has been so much fun. Everybody who has seen her thinks she's the cutest little puppy. We want to tell you thank you for letting us adopt her. She's really a great puppy.

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Anonymous said...

Beautiful, precious Grace....and wonderful family.....thank you for loving this cutie pie!!


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