Monday, April 14, 2014

From Deville to angel Gabriel: BEFORE

For this dramatic transformation, I want to share our original story and then the update.

GABE BEFORE (Blog post from Oct. 31, 2013):
On day one of the October clinic, we had a very pitiful surrender named Deville.
This regal male German shepherd was a truly broken animal. He had severe mange, malnutrition, and had been chained up with a metal prong collar which left sores all around his neck.
 Jayson Pietrzak went to the house where Deville was chained up and brought him back to the clinic at the warehouse. Jayson said the screams from Deville as the prong collar was removed were heartbreaking. 
Once at the clinic, Heather assessed Deville and the small light that remained in his eyes told us that he wanted to live and so his journey to recovery began!  
Julie Cross gave Deville a bath to help him shed of the many layers or dead skin that needed to be removed so the living tissue underneath could start to heal. Although the bath was painful, Deville never attempted to nip at Julie. Heather established a prescription regiment for Deville and we started feeding him every hour
After he came to the Red Lake Rosie's Rescue, his main interest of course is food. He is safely sheltered in a kennel with lots of straw, and of course, no collar of chain to irritate the neck which has now begun to heal.

Deville has been neutered and vaccinated and takes daily antibiotics and oral ivermectin to heal his skin sores and kill the mange mites that have invaded his skin throughout his body.
Heather and Karen are both excited to see this sweet boy blossom and just know he will someday be as beautiful on the outside as he is on the inside. The waiting game to see the transformation into a beautiful shepherd has begun.
Deville has suffered a long time, we think for years, and we are blessed to be able to help him regain his health and dignity. The photos are graphic, but people need to see how he will change over time. We will update posts on this great boy! 

Thank you to all the people who love and support the Red Lake animals and help us carry out this very important work.

Karen RLRR

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