Thursday, April 10, 2014

Cotton: Our million dollar baby

Cotton came to Red Lake Rosie's Rescue back on October 1st. What a mess this poor boy was in! Cotton is a Siamese flame point who came in with a severely infected eye, and an infection in his sinus that would not go away.
We were told that all of Cotton’s littermates died blind. We were concerned that Cotton may well also go blind. The vet made a decision to remove the infected eye, and we began a long treatment of his infected sinus area. We tried at least 4 different antibiotics, and the sneezing would return. We tested Cotton for Feline Leukemia, FIP, FIV and thankfully all were negative. But the problem persisted.
Finally Dr. Vickie ordered a special antibiotic which we purchased at the Bemidji Pharmacy which seemed to finally be effective. We also purchased some special vitamin drops and took Cotton to the vet for a series of shots that would boost his immune system. We began to call him our "Million Dollar Baby" as he has cost a considerable sum with all his medical treatments, but we feel he was worth every penny.
We never gave up on this boy as he was so special. He had a wonderful personality and loved people, other cats, dogs and puppies too! Every time we had a visitor at the cathouse he was the welcome wagon! He had to hug and kiss all humans who entered his house.

At one point we were thinking that Cotton would have to remain at RLRR shelter- but recently he started sitting by the door and has managed to escape outdoors 2 times! With his outgoing personality we were fearful that he would get out and affectionately approach a shelter dog not accustomed to cats and get killed.
Cotton left RLRR on March 2 headed to Twin Cities Pet Rescue. He is a one-of-a-kind cat and will be a great pet for someone! Thank you to all who support our Red Lake Rosie medical fund allowing us the opportunity to get Cotton on the road to recovery!

Sincerely, Karen

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