Wednesday, April 2, 2014

Cherry Babies

A homeless shepherd/terrier mix wandered into someone’s yard and Red Lake Rosie's Rescue got the call that the dog, we named Cherry, was very pregnant and could have her puppies at any time.
Karen and Geri responded to the call and brought her to the RLRR shelter where five days later, on March 31st, we found 6 little newborns in the evening at chores time. They seem to be all doing well.
With a snowstorm in progress, these puppies would never have survived had they been born without warm dry sheltering. This unexpected spring storm came in with all it’s fury today just as Cherry’s babies decided to arrive!
We thank all the RLRR supporters who make it possible to rescue the homeless dogs and cats in Red Lake. We have supplies and food to help this little family thrive, thanks to you!

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