Monday, April 21, 2014

ACT V report on March Clinic

On March 14th, we set out to sponsor our first cat spay/neuter clinic and dog zeutering. ACT V’s first stop was Saturday morning to help Karen in the cat house with vaccinations and surgery. Dr. Lori Boettcher-Murphy and Dr. Vicki Schulz from Act V Rescue performed spays, neuters, vaccinations and deworming in the cat house. Staffed with assistants and certified vet techs, we were able to do 8 spays and neuters in a short time. 

We then set out to get familiar with the warehouse in Redby to start the surgeries there Sunday morning. More help and technicians came up to get the job done. Mike and Lauren Dosal, 2nd year vet students, did the neutering of the cats and Dr. Boettcher-Murphy did the spays. Tara Post CVT (Act V), Sandi Johnson CVT (Act V), and Sara Stearns CVT (South Hyland Pet Hospital), were there to support the surgeons. Sandi Johnson’s daughter Savannah, Alisa Laramy (Act V Rescue), Kathy Beaman (amazing cat foster for Act V), and Deb Fjetland (long time supporter of Red Lake), were there to assist in any way possible. Of course Karen Good and Dee Dee Welles were there to help with any and everything. A total of 19 cat spays and neuters were done on Sunday.
Dr. Schulz did a special chemical sterilization on 4 dogs with a product called Zeuterin. The drug is injected into the testicles and causes them to shrink up 50% and renders the dog infertile within a month. It requires a very mild sedation and accurate measurement of the testicles to dose them appropriately. The procedure is labeled for dogs 3-10 months old currently. After doing training in California in February, she is now certified to do the procedure. Thanks to Ark Sciences Charities for supplying a grant to help with the neutering procedure! There is more neutering in our future at Red Lake.
There were trips to the area to pick up dogs with Karen. Vaccinations, deworming and triaging sick dogs and cats were done. A special thanks to Chuck and Don’s for providing ACT V and Red Lake Rosie's with Advantage topical flea treatment for every cat that came in the door.
We came back Monday a.m. until noon and did 3 more spays and a few neuters, and saw some more sick animals. By the end, we were exhausted, but our stomachs were full from the wonderful food provided by RLRR metro volunteers.

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