Wednesday, April 16, 2014

Lydia leaves her troubles behind

Lydia, the chocolate lab mix, came to Red Lake Rosie's Rescue August 3, 2013. She was emaciated and had bullet wounds through her shoulder and under her chin, but was struggling to care for her seven puppies. (Search for "lydia" to see her earlier posts.)

We were so happy when ARVSS rescue in Wisconsin was willing to take her in and provide for her continuing medical care, as well as providing care and finding homes for her pups.
Lydia is all smiles with Susie of ARVSS
Lydia is very serious when watching football with Matt of ARVSS
Lydia became friends with Marcus another RLRR dog recovering at ARVSS
In March, Lydia was adopted by a loving family
Hi Susie,

We are very happy with Lydia here in our home, she has adjusted to us and we to her very well. We can't imagine a better fit to our home and property.

Lydia and Rosko, our other dog, go out together several times each day and I must say she behaves better than he does. She responds to her name and understands what "no" means. Her behavior couldn't be better.

The first day that she and Rosko were left alone in the house (for about 4 hours) she met me at the door looking guilty about something (you know, the "crawl of shame" posture). I gave her some love, then looked all around for any evidence of naughty behavior and found not one thing. Perhaps she thought that we had deserted her that day, because she now greets us with much enthusiasm.

The dogs each have their own beds, of course, but Lydia prefers sleeping on the couch at night (I would too!) We notice a gradual "relaxing" of her demeanor as time goes by.

She'll come to us for affection quite frequently. We are just as much in love with her as she seems to be with us.

We hope that you and Matt are well and providing care for more deserving canines.

Regards, D & B

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Anonymous said...

What an absolute delight to read
this update on Lydia! I have thought of her so often over the months, and have followed her story...and now to see she has her own loving family....thank you all so much!!!


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