Monday, March 31, 2014

Help for Miss Charlie

A call came in to Red Lake Rosie's Rescue a few days ago that a female dog named Charlie needed help. Karen and Geri went in search of Charlie and found a very pitiful girl. Charlie is so gentle and nice, but had long-term malnourishment and subsequent mange. Her eyes are full of pus and they have that haunted look.
Charlie ate her puppy kibble mixed with canned food and water in a matter of seconds. We also started her on antibiotics and ivermectin for mange. We see lots of dried blood on the top of her head and ears, source unknown.
We are so happy to have Charlie as part of the Red Lake Rosie’s pack. We are hoping it is temporary and that she heals quickly. The owner told us she is already spayed.
When we find dogs such as Charlie, we are so happy to be able to rescue them and make them all better. We know of her suffering and made the promise "It is all better now; we are going to help you, Charlie!”
Thank you to the supporters of Red Lake animals that make these and other rescues possible. So many animals need our help and you give us the tools, supplies and funds to help Charlie and others like her!

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