Tuesday, April 8, 2014

Vanilla Bean had a worse winter than you

This poor boy was rescued by Nancy and Tom from the Bemidji Pound.
He had major frostbite on his mouth and ears from being outside during this brutal winter. 
His fluffy coat hid it, but Vanilla was also starving.
We neutered this cat and gave vet care at the Act V clinic.
 Nancy and Tom are currently fostering Vanilla Bean until someone will take this boy.
He looks so wonderful now and is so happy.
We are looking for a very special foster and adoptive home for this boy since he had such a hard winter- any ideas?
Just wanted to send more photos of Vanilla-Bean, so you can see how well he is doing.

His frost-bitten ears and nose have healed. Even though he lost part of his front lip to frost-bite, he eats well and is as normal as any cat. He LOVES to play-play-play and is a snuggler. His fur is growing back nicely where he was shaved of mats.



Joan said...

So glad he's safe. Wonderful rescue!

Anonymous said...

We are happy to report that Lauren and Mike will be fostering this boy for Pet Haven- He is leaving this weekend. Thank you all!

Nancy said...

Thank you, Lauren and Mike, for fostering our little 'Nilla-Bean. He has gone full circle with you now since you had a major part of his medical treatment at the RLRR s/n
clinic. I know he will get the best foster care with you and Mike. Thank you both so very very much! We will miss him at our home but he will bring such great happiness to his own family. No more bitter cold sub-zero winters to contend with, and no more searching for food for this little boy. We are grateful beyond words.


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