Monday, April 14, 2014

From Deville to angel Gabriel: AFTER

As you may recall Deville, now Gabriel, came to the Red Lake clinic last fall emaciated, mange-infected with a 3-prong collar embedded in his neck. (See previous post.) His poor condition would have looked hopeless to many, but we have seen miracles before.
Gabe laying in front of the fireplace at his new home.
Now look at Gabe in all his glory, recently adopted to his forever home where he is well cared for and loved.  TLC did a wonderful job in fostering him and finding him a new home.  
Gabe and Ricco his new older brother being petted by their Mom.
Gabe getting a belly rub from his Mom
Now, this loft is Gabe's favorite spot.  Before rescue his only spot was on a chain under a porch!  Now Gabe is living the good life which is all he deserves after how he suffered.
Gabe loves going up to the loft and looking through the railing.
Gabe's story is a good lesson for us to always think positive and imagine the possibilities!
Karen :)
Gabe and his Dad.


Anonymous said...

This sweet boy faced so many odds but had the will to live....and such a wonderful support team pulling for him. Thank you all so much for helping Gabe heal. And a huge thank you to his new
home and loving family!!! We are so very happy for all of you!!

Anonymous said...

What an amazing and wonderful transformation! You would never guess, by looking at him, what all Gabe's been through. Thank you to everyone who played a part in his healing journey.


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