Thursday, May 23, 2013

National Pet Week at Red Lake Elementary School

Miss Kitty, the cat, and Bubba, the Bulldog, held sessions on May 15th and 16th during ”National Pet Week” teaching students in grades 1 – 5 at Red Lake Elementary School about Red Lake Rosie’s Rescue and our activities.
Kevin as Bubba the Bulldog was a big hit with the students.  Bubba explained the life of a rescue dog at the Red Lake Rosie’s shelter and had a stern message about dogfighting, as he said that earlier in life he was forced to fight with other dogs, and it was no fun. Bubba told the kids to report animal fighting and any cruelty to the police department.

Bubba also recounted his early life on a chain which was very lonely. Bubba bragged that he was a smart one who got neutered and urged students to get their pet friends in to the next clinic June 10-12 in Redby to also get them neutered or spayed.

Karen as "Miss Kitty" talked with the kids about the cats of Red Lake and the perils of not being indoors and protected from dogs such as Bubba.

Also visiting was John Little, an elder form the Redby community with his 2 small breed dogs, Dottie and Sucra.  His dogs were happy, healthy and well groomed.  We asked students how they could have dogs as healthy as John’s dogs and they gave many great ideas including proper diet, watering, sheltering, vet care, grooming, and most of all love.

Red Lake Rosie's furry visitors included Lily and Lilah, the shepherd pups, and Mouser.  The kids loved them all.

Special emphasis was put on chaining and the lonely life of a chained dog.  It was a very rewarding and learning experience for all.  We have an open invitation to come to visit the school with animals and our message.
These students raised nearly $1,000 for us earlier during Kindness Week, and we explained that we used the funds to help with clinic expenses. We want to thank Michelle Stapleton, teacher, for organizing the fundraisers and also the school visits.

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Nancy said...

Karen, Kevin, and John!,
congratulations on your wonderful day with the kids. What a fun approach for the kids in order to share a very important message. Thank you all so much!


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