Tuesday, May 7, 2013

Sweet as Cocoa

Red Lake Rosie's Rescue got a call on the morning of April 13th just as Karen was about to leave for a weekly transport to the metro.  On board was a litter of 5 puppies and 2 cats, and one kitten.

The caller that morning said she had a dog with something coming out of her rear.  They wanted to surrender Cocoa to Red Lake Rosie's. Karen veered off the transport trail and went to pick up Cocoa who was on a chain and obviously a very sick girl.
 Even before Karen got to Bemidji, she got the good news that Dr. Vickie of Act V would take Cocoa right on transport that very day!  Jen and O'Sullivans had contacted her with the details and once again she answered the call to help Cocoa.

We are so thankful to the great support team and rescues that take our animals.  We send many injured animals to Act V.

Sincerely, Karen Good

Cocoa came to us from Red Lake Saturday with a large vaginal prolapse. A surgeon evaluated her and decided the best course was to spay her and remove the mass. It was a big surgery for the sweet little girl.

We had to work hard to control her pain for the first couple of days, but now we have to keep her from playing too hard. She will make a full recovery and will make some family very happy. She is ready to meet potential adopters now.

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Anonymous said...

Cocoa was such a sweet, patient little girl on the transport. Karen picked her up in the nick of time. We are extremely grateful to Karen and ACT V for meeting her medical needs so quickly, and very happy for her prognosis. Thank you all!!


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