Tuesday, May 21, 2013


We adopted Bubbles in February, and she has taken over our family, as well as the birds and four-legged friends that visit our yard. She is so loving, fun and sweet, we are blessed with a lot of puppy kisses and play. 

My granddaughter and Bubbles run circles around the house, and now with the snow melt, well this picture says it all. Bubbles has a "tubby" as often, if not more, than my little 4 yr old granddaughter. 

Next stop "tubby"
She is healthy and active and is "our little girl". Thank you so much to your wonderful organization for giving these animals a second chance as well as the families that are blessed to adopt them. 


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Anonymous said...

It is always so great to get updates on the animals that are adopted from RLRR, and Bubbles sounds like she is having the time of her life. Thanks for loving this little girl!


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