Monday, May 20, 2013

Perils of Penelope

On one cold northern Minnesota winter night, a basset hound was found along the side of the road.  She was emaciated and had several wounds on her face.  She was very dirty; it was clear she had been walking a while.  A kind person stopped to pick her up and she eventually landed in the caring arms of Red Lake Rosie's Rescue.
Penelope in her new home!
Several days later, this sweet girl, called Mindy, made her way down to the Twin Cities for foster care via Pet Haven.  After several interested parties emailed PH about fostering her, she was placed into the care of an awesome home who had another basset, a couple of cats, and lots of activity with busy kids.
Today this Cinderella story was completed, when Mindy - now Penelope - was officially adopted by her foster mom, Jeannine.  Jeannine did an amazing job of nursing this little lady back to health and today Penelope is a BEAUTIFUL basset girl who is loving life as an indoor dog who gets lots and lots of attention.

Thank you to everyone who made this adoption possible.  See attached for photos of Penelope at her arrival at RLRR and today!


Polly had gotten the call late one night and the next day Mindy was still laying on the same spot, she had obviously given up. Polly loaded her in her car and brought her to the shelter.

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Anonymous said...

Beautiful story......thanks Polly
and Karen and all the foster people who helped this little sweetie make her way to an incredible, loving home!


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