Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Dove Gray Family

From the same household as Anna (featured yesterday), came this skinny mama and the remaining three kittens in her litter. They are darling: one is solid gray with short hair and looks just like her mom, one is medium-hair with gray and white including a cute little moustache, and the third one is a short-hair tabby.

Feline Rescue offered to take in the little family and they ended up with the same foster caregiver as deaf kitten Leo. He is about twice their size but they have become friends. 


Anonymous said...

The mama cat looks so kind and patient with her little ones. Adorable story and photos.

Joan said...

Dove is the sweetest momma cat ive fostered. The person adopting her will be very fortunate to have a cat as wonderful as she is. Thank you RLRR for getting these amazing cats into rescue!


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