Wednesday, May 22, 2013

Pawsitively Unique

This little kitten was surrendered to Red Lake Rosie's Rescue all alone in the world. Feline Rescue offered to  take in the kitten after a transport to the Metro with five different drivers from RLRR to Bemidji to Motley to Buffalo to Bloomington to the foster home in SW Mpls.

 The first thing we noticed was that the kitten was a very unusual color -- not red, not buff, but kind of a dirty orange with brown spots on feet and face like we had never seen.
The second thing we noticed was that the kitten seemed to be entirely deaf and probably visually impaired, too, but nothing slowed down this kitten.
The name Whiskers at Red Lake was changed to Helen for Helen Keller until we learned that she was a HE, so now he is known as Lou for Lou Ferigno, the deaf actor of Incredible Hulk fame.
Lou has some smaller playmates in his foster home now, but could use a playmate that was more his own size. He's going to be a special pet for some lucky family. His foster family is connected with the deaf community so maybe he'll even end up in a family with a deaf person :-)


Joan said...

Love Lou!! And he already has someone waiting to adopt him :)

Anonymous said...

Precious baby. Keep us updated on Lou.


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