Wednesday, May 8, 2013

Sisu is struggling

Sisu was known as Rush at Red Lake Rosie's Rescue. She arrived on September 4th, 2012 with another dog, Maggie Mae, from the same location.

They seemed in pretty fair shape, but we noticed the next day that Rush had a raspy way of breathing. We saw a scar on her throat which had healed and a few scrapes on her head and rump.

All Dog Rescue stepped up and took Rush on September 22nd. A vet visit determined that Rush had laryngeal paralysis but it seemed then that she could have normal activity.

Unfortunately, now she is having trouble again and needs additional vet care. If anyone can make a donation to help out her new family, it would be very much appreciated.

Karen, RLRR


Anonymous said...

The sad addition to this story is that a few weeks before we got Rush, another puppy was suffering the same symptoms and was taken to the Clearwater Vet and had to have an emergency tracheotomy. Dr. Vickie of Act V was going to take the pup- it died after the breathing tube was removed a day later in prepration for the transport! Someone in the area there is strangling puppies and dogs.:( Karen

Anonymous said...

This is sad if strangling is going on with these sweeties. Our
black lab had laryngeal paralysis
and we took him to the U of M for surgery. They did a fantastic job, and Barty-Boy lived for 4 more years, to age 13-1/2. The surgery gave him new life! It is
well worth every cent to have the surgery.


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