Friday, March 29, 2013

Porch puppies and their angel mom

On Thursday, March 7th, quite late at night, Red Lake Rosie's Rescue got a call that a dog was on the porch of the community Center in Ponemah and had a litter of puppies newborn with no shelter. The next morning we sent a local helper, Earl over to rescue the mama and her litter- however, he was unsuccessful.  The owner decided that she did not want to surrender the mama and litter.
Again, on Friday, March 8th, quite late at night, another call came to RLRR and said the mama was still laying in the doorway porch with her babies. Needless to say I did not sleep well that night, and bright and early at 6am, I got in touch with Polly, my lucky charm, and we went to Ponemah on the 130 mile trip in search of the dog and her little family.  The roads were not good and we hoped to make the trip safely.

Well, we found her, and named her Nodin, which means "Wind" in our language.  There she laid on top of her puppies as a mix of rain and snow drenched them. We noticed that her ribs protruded and that her left eye was dead and appeared to be poked out.

Fortunately, because she was so hungry, a nice bowl of food placed in a plastic crate was all the temptation that she needed to enter, and then we put the 5 surviving pups in with her, and found 2 deceased pups laying there as well.
 Polly and I rejoiced as we traveled back knowing that the trip paid off. Now Nodin and her little litter of 5 would be tucked in dry and warm surroundings with all the food and water she needs to support the production of the milk critical to the pups survival. The pictures were taken once she arrived at the shelter with nice dry straw and fleece blankets provided by Susan.

Thank you all for supporting Red Lake Rosie's and enabling us to make these life saving rescues!

Sincerely, Karen and Polly

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jenny wolfe said...

Awesome rescue! So glad to hear!


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