Wednesday, April 3, 2013

Trooper gets a second chance

Trooper was rescued on 11/7/12, off a chain in a dog house with no bedding, no food or water in sight. His ribs were protruding and he was NOT a very happy guy. 

We were able to put food down, and then make a little path of dog kibble and he followed to the van and we put him in a crate. He was starving and dehydrated.  The people said they did not want him, and wanted him gone.
 At Red Lake Rosie's Rescue he ate and gained weight, and was very food aggressive at first, then got better as he began to know food would be available. He went from 35 lbs to over 50 lbs with a medium-sized build. Trooper is about one  year old, with blue eyes, and a black and white coat with silver tips- a very beautiful dog.
Trooper LOVED to play and entertained everyone with his antics
He went to Tricounty on March 2nd, but failed the food test. That meant Trooper would have to return to RLRR and hopes for a bright future were dimmed.

After we found out Trooper  needed to return to RLRR, an appeal was made for help, and Liz and Dan of Elk River responded and went to meet Trooper at Tricounty.  Liz and Dan have successfully helped other RLRR dogs with problems in the past.  A huge THANK YOU!! to them.
We brought Trooper home yesterday from St Cloud.  They were very nice people to work with.  Jen helped us and got us all his paperwork.

He rode in the back of our pickup (with a topper) on the way home. We put a bed and blanket back there for him.  He was really interested in everything around us, cars going by, etc.  He had no problem jumping up into the truck, very willing.

We introduced him to our dogs right away and took a group walk. Then let them loose in the large fenced dog pen to play.  We have a german shepherd that was an original RLRR dog from back in 2007, he came to us as an adoption reject to work on for re-adoption.  But, we never found him a home and decided to keep him.  He is a great dog and has been a mentor for all of our foster dogs over the years.
Dan took Trooper & Lewis for a long walk this morning and they are playing together in the dog pen right now.  We have the small dog, Nuggs, in the house.  He isn't so much a fan of the cold and snow. So it's nice Trooper is here to keep Lewis company in the pen.  I know Lewis doesn't like to be cooped up in the house all the time, but he's also bored out there alone.

I will keep you updated on his progress.  He really seems like a good spirited dog and willing to learn.  He will make someone a great dog in a few months.


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Anonymous said...

Thank you, Liz and Dan. We look
forward to more stories and updates on this cute guy named
Trooper. Thanks for helping him find his way again.


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