Saturday, April 20, 2013

Thank goodness for nine lives

Sena is a lovely young Himalayan cat that came in to Red Lake Rosie's rescue in mid-November 2012. She had been badly injured in a dog attack that left her with bones protruding from one of her rear legs. The owner would not bring the cat to the shelter, nor let her inside, so a nice couple went and got Sena and brought her to us.
Sena at RLRR
The local vet said that Sena needed an amputation right away as she was badly infected already. We were so grateful when Pet Haven offered to take her.  She was in foster care while she recovered and is now in a forever home and doing very well.

Thank you- Karen Good RLRR

After surgery to amputate the leg, Sena (renamed Trinity) came on a transport to Pet Haven and received pain medications for the first time since the event.  She was very dehydrated and was fed mostly canned food with lots of water mixed in.  Moving to a new foster home she gradually regained her strength and all of her personality.

 Trin loves to be in charge and managed the dog whose home she lived in as well as a foster dog and made sure that they didn't get away with too much mischief.  

Favorite toys include little fake mice, balls, things she can carry in her mouth and no one could ever suspect she has just 3 legs.  
She has been adopted and will be the only pet in the home except when a dog comes for short stays periodically.  She'll be up to managing those dogs too!


Anonymous said...

What a sweet story. Thank you Karen and Pet Haven for giving this little girl new beginnings.

Joan said...

Wonderful rescue!


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